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Get our WiFi6 equipment
and solution at no cost
for advertising and monetization

Free internet for users. Monetization for WiFi owners.

How it works


Get additional revenue streams

Signup and we'll send you our WiFi6 Equipment and solution
completely free. As soon as you connect it to your high speed internet
we'll start sharing any revenue (50%)
from digital advertising when users connect to your WiFi6.

Monthly revenue share is deposited to your debit/credit card or paypal account.
Revenue credits may also be used to publish your own campaigns at your location or any
other WiFi6 location to advertise your products and generate foot traffic to your store.

You will have access to our WiFitize Dashboard (WiFiTize link)
including a publisher and advertiser account.

Don't be left out! Sign up and be part of the CuentasMAX WiFi6 Network!

Wifi 6 Wireless internet connection network technology concept. Hand pressing button on vi
Apply Here
Get your free WiFI6**

Thanks for joining us! We'll get back to you in the next 72 hours

**Your only commitment is if we have less than 500 WiF6 accesses per month from your customers at your store, you'll have to return CurentasMAX the equipment using prepaid shipping we'll send you.

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